Color Coordinated Sandwich Wraps Add Festive Flair

My daughter-in-law Amy throws a terrific party and once again proved herself at Kyra’s 5th birthday party.The age-appropriate theme- Pinkalicious.Guests dressed in various shades of rose, and all decorations and food had a pink tone.

As hostess, Amy chose to serve sandwich “wraps” as the luncheon entrée. But, she didn’t leave them in the plain paper as prepared by the deli. Amy cut scrapbook paper to the size of a wrapper, added the pieces around each sandwich, and secured with a toothpick. The assorted colors added a festive flair to the table. What a terrific tailgate idea- surround “wraps” in bold school colors.

Amy and Kyra baked individual cupcakes in place of a large birthday cake,. They frosted them, coated with sprinkles, and then topped each with a bright Maraschino cherry. A fun mother-daughter activity and very pretty!

Kyra, the pinkalicious star reigning over the event, was truly delicious. She delighted in celebrating with friends and family.
Happy birthday princess!

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