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Baking Mountain Dew Cupcakes

I’m not a fan of Mountain Dew, but I tasted a cupcake in Topeka, Kansas that was enough to make me holler, “Ya-Hoo”. By golly, it did seem to tickle my innards- as the slogan claimed. I thought the unusual treat was fantastic and I loved its green color. I’d describe the taste as sparkling with lemon and lime flavors. 

 My Mountain Dew Cupcakes
My Mountain Dew Cupcakes

When I recently decided to bake cupcakes for a friend’s birthday, I thought I’d try the recipe. Although my cupcakes seemed rather dense, they were still very flavorful and tangy.  I’d make them again.

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Holiday Baking with the In Crowd–Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes seem to be popping up everywhere, so I just had to make a batch. And…I humbly confess, they’re darn good!

Below is the recipe I used, however, I think I should have made fewer cupcakes as mine did not rise to the top. Did I overbeat or was there not enough batter for 30 cupcakes??? Who knows.  I also used less food coloring, just because the entire bottle seemed like overkill.

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