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Autumn Tian of Beets, Potatoes and Tomatoes

From Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine, October 2014.

First of all, I needed to know what a “tian” was. Definition: a dish of finely chopped vegetables cooked in olive oil and then baked au gratin or a large oval earthenware cooking pot traditionally used in Provence.

My Roasted Autumn Tian
My Roasted Autumn Tian

While flipping through ta copy of Living Magazine, I saw a gorgeous photo of this recipe and decided I had to try it.  I love beets and thought it looked like an impressive dish to take to a party or serve guests. I think it would look lovely on a Thanksgiving table or Christmas buffet.

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Laura’s Luscious Layer Cake and Chocolate Frosting

Just before my daughter, Laura goes off to college, she decides to start baking. Go figure. This is the second time she has made a very complicated triple layer chocolate cake. Although the  cake is exceptionally moist, rich and dense, it’s the frosting that’s a killer.

The recipe for the deep chocolate frosting has only three ingredients, but don’t let that fool you.  This creamy icing takes about two and half hours to make!!  It covers beautifully and tastes like chocolate heaven.

Is it worth it? Yes.  If time is a priority, skip making the cake from scratch, but do try the icing.

Visit Martha Stewart.com to see a video of Martha and Mrs. Milman making the dessert. This, by the way, is what convinced Laura to give it a try.

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Mushroom Memories

Me and my two older brothers: The Palmer Kids
The Palmer Kids

As a Boomer, I claim Ozzie and Harriett, the Beaver and Donna Reed as friends. I whirled away countless hours hula hooping and can recall Jackie Kennedy’s and Priscilla Presley’s bouffant hair styles.

The 50s lifestyle of the Palmer family, my parents, two older brothers and me, smells of times past, perhaps with a pinch of Silly Putty. Our castle was a one-bathroom house and we owned one family car because Mom didn’t drive. We ate dinner together every night when Dad came home from work. And we didn’t know anyone who owned a dishwasher.

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