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I’m One in a Million Butterbeer Drinkers

Raiding a mug of Butterbeer
Raiding a mug of Butterbeer

On January 6, 2011, Universal Studios Orlando announced the sale of their one millionth Butterbeer within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.You may recall I bought the drink when I visited in September, 2010, making mine one in a million.

I revisited Harry’s World (read about my first encounter here) with my two grandchildren the day before Thanksgiving.The streets of Hogsmeade were jammed, a three hour waiting line formed outside Olivander’s Wand Shoppe. We moved through a snaking, stop-start queue before finally entering Hogswart’s Castle for The Forbidden Journey. Despite wasting time in line, the ride gets my nod as the absolute best! I flew, I dove, felt hot breath, laughed, screamed and fought along with Harry. I returned three times that day.

The grandkids (ages 6 and 8) jumped onto a few amusements in Dr. Seuss Land,  but none of us were overly thrilled with the opposite side of the theme park.

My family, however, delightedly quaffed mugs of  tasty frozen  Butterbeer on that very hot day. Wonderful stuff.

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A Summer Sensation– Lemongrass Mint Gin and Tonics

Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions

Summer’s here. “Time for a G and T,” I say.

My husband, Jay, makes a great Tanqueray and tonic. Like every mixologist, he starts with gin over ice and tops it off with tonic water. But then– he squeezes a section of fresh lime into the cool liquid, letting the tart and tangy juice add some zip. After that, he runs the oozing fruit piece around the glass lip before plunking it into the cocktail. Swizzle a little and you’ve got an outstanding mixed drink.

Just recently I came across a new product which offered a twist on tradition and some experimental fun—Tea Forte cocktail infusers; a method to combine an extraordinary blend of tea with alcohol.

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