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Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe

No sooner did I get to Key West than I nearly had a pie thrown in my face by none other than Kermit Carpenter, founder and director of the Key West Key Lime Shop.  Kermit loves to throw pies. He runs out of the store each time the Old Town Trolley passes surprising visitors with his authentic looking, but actually fake pie. Everyone gets a chuckle out of his gag.

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A Summer Sensation– Lemongrass Mint Gin and Tonics

Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions

Summer’s here. “Time for a G and T,” I say.

My husband, Jay, makes a great Tanqueray and tonic. Like every mixologist, he starts with gin over ice and tops it off with tonic water. But then– he squeezes a section of fresh lime into the cool liquid, letting the tart and tangy juice add some zip. After that, he runs the oozing fruit piece around the glass lip before plunking it into the cocktail. Swizzle a little and you’ve got an outstanding mixed drink.

Just recently I came across a new product which offered a twist on tradition and some experimental fun—Tea Forte cocktail infusers; a method to combine an extraordinary blend of tea with alcohol.

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My, My — Key Lime Pie

Every US state boasts an official state flag, motto, flower, bird and song.But, did you know many states have an official dessert?Twas news to me, until I wrote the blog post on Boston Crème Pie and discovered it was the Massachusetts state pie.

So, I got to wondering; does my state, Florida, have an official dessert?Well… my, my—it’s Key Lime Pie.Sure enough, my husband’s favorite sweet.He likes it so much; he requests it instead of traditional birthday cake.

The secret to great taste is using freshly squeezed Key limes.The process is a little tricky because key limes, as compared to typical Persian limes, are small– smaller than a golf ball. Took 12 of those babies to yield the ½ cup of juice needed for the recipe. But, the result is worth the effort.

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