What’s a Slugburger?

A Slugburger, onion rings and shake
A Slugburger, onion rings and shake

The story behind the Slugburger dates back to the depression. Seems a local Mississippi butcher tried to stretch his meat by combining beef and pork, plus a filler, containing a few ingredients I’d probably rather not consider.  He shaped the meat into a patty, then deep fried it and served the combo on a bun with yellow mustard, onions and pickles. At the time the sandwich sold for a nickel, which carried the nickname– a slug. Thus, the birth of the slugburger still found in Corinth, Mississippi.

Borroum's Drug Store in Corinth, Mississippi
Borroum’s Drug Store in Corinth, Mississippi

If you visit Borroum’s Drug Store on Waldron Street, you can taste one at the counter installed in the late 1930’s.  Borroum’s is worth a visit because it’s the oldest drug store in the state with displays of the original cobalt blue dispensing bottles and assorted antique drug store items. The glass cases give a peek into your great, great-grandmother’s  medicine cabinet. 

When I visited Corinth I ate lunch at Borroum’s. I took a bite of the slugburger, currently priced at $1.75 and honestly, can’t really recommend it, but I can wholeheartedly rave about the milkshakes. Wow- these are the honest soda fountain treat. Mine was creamy, made with full fat milk and ice cream, and thick enough to just sip through a straw. Shakes and malts come to the table in metal blender containers so you can pour yourself get a second helping!

A bright red Cherry Coke
A bright red Cherry Coke

My friends ordered regular hamburgers and were very pleased and I loved every bite of my taco salad. I also tasted some extraordinarily good, lightly battered onion rings.  For those dreaming of an original soda jerk cherry coke, you’re in luck. The bright red colored drinks are also on the menu.  

Should you go to Corinth to visit the Civil War battlefields and museums (I highly recommend them) or for any reason, you owe it to yourself to step back in time at Borroum’s Drug Store and take a leap toward a delicious meal.

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Borroum’s Drug Store

604 Waldron Street
Corinth, Mississippi 38834

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  1. Oh wow, as unappetizing as the word "Slug burger" is, it actually sounds good! And the malt, and the onion rings… mmm… why am I not there? 🙂

  2. at least there aren't slugs in it (we hope). having recently been to ireland and seen their HUGE slugs there. but. malts? onion rings? i am so in!

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