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What’s a Slugburger?

A Slugburger, onion rings and shake
A Slugburger, onion rings and shake

The story behind the Slugburger dates back to the depression. Seems a local Mississippi butcher tried to stretch his meat by combining beef and pork, plus a filler, containing a few ingredients I’d probably rather not consider.  He shaped the meat into a patty, then deep fried it and served the combo on a bun with yellow mustard, onions and pickles. At the time the sandwich sold for a nickel, which carried the nickname– a slug. Thus, the birth of the slugburger still found in Corinth, Mississippi.

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Fonzie’s Kind of Place: Cheeburger, Cheeburger

A Restaurant Review

Arthur Fonzarelli, aka “The Fonz,” would give two thumbs up and an “Aaaaay!”to the original Cheeburger,Cheeburger in Auburn, Alabama.  The joint looks like a throw back to Arnold’s malt shop from the TV show Happy Days. I visited on Auburn University‘s opening football game day and the place was packed.

The atmospheric jive beats to the tune of  oldies, food and frivolity: retro fifties to early sixties aluminum chairs with faux turquoise leather upholstery, Formica topped tables, neon lighting and a soda fountain.  Tee shirts, college pennants and memorabilia hang upon the walls. 

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