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Exceptional Meal at Pizzeria Biga near Detroit

Customers dining at Pizzeria Biga
Customers dining at Pizzeria Biga
Chef Luciano Del Signore
Chef Luciano Del Signore

 According to James Beard nominated Chef Luciano Del Signore, ‘biga’ is the special starter-yeast he uses to make pizza and breads, and thus it was a natural choice to name his newest restaurant–Pizzeria Biga.

To me the word ‘biga’ conjurs memories of the movie Big Night and this connection remained consistent to film’s story line as my group was served momentous amounts of Chef Del Signore’s artfully arranged food. Pizzeria Biga opened eight months ago in Southpoint, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and has been regularly garnering “big” reviews.

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New Orleans Po’Boys

Restaurant Review: Johnny’s Po-Boys

Every year I go to Nawlin’s for Mardi Gras and every year I eat a po’boy or two…or three.  This year girlfriend Chris and I found ourselves outside Johnny’s Po-Boys.  You know when a line extends out the door and into the street, the food inside must be good. 

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Georgia Oyster Roast and Low Country Boil

I don’t do raw oysters. I suppose…if you added a large dollop of cocktail sauce and bribed me, I might be able to get one down—but I’m just not into slimey food. However, I recently tasted a roasted oyster and well, that’s a different story.  I’ve added a new sensation to my repotoire. Captain Andy Hill made a succulent, savory concoction with roasted oysters, melted cheese, bacon bits and jalapeños.  They had me asking for seconds…and thirds.

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