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Texas Eat ‘Em: My First Texas Barbeque

The definition of barbeque has nearly as many meanings as sauces. First, you can attend an event or outdoor party called a BBQ, which, in Texas is usually held on a ranch. The act of barbecuing is the process of preparing food with smoke, low temperatures and long periods of time. Don’t be confused by the backyard griller who claims to barbeque, but simply heats food outdoors, often over a gas source. And, don’t try to find the best BBQ recipe as everyone claims their secret method is the prize winner.

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5 Tasty Places to Dine in Tuscaloosa

A Review of Tuscaloosa’s Restaurants

I recently made my first trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that southern city with the funny sounding name. She’s home to the University of Alabama, its 28,000 students and approximately 90,000 residents. That’s a lot of hungry people to feed, but plenty of innovative restaurateurs manage to please all tastes.

Here’s a sampler of some of the best:

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How Dreamland BBQ Got Its Name

There’s a little joint in Tuscaloosa, Alabama that seats just 68, but its reputation is known far and wide. Dreamland BBQ boasts the motto, “Ain’t nothing like ’em nowhere,” and I reckon that’s true.

I recently visited the place and met Jeannette Bishop, the current owner and daughter of now deceased originator John C. Bishop and his wife, Lilly.  The Bishop’s opened their establishment back in 1958.  You see, John had purchased the land and considered building a cafe and funeral home.  He figured if the food gave his patrons high blood pressure, he’d end up burying them. His wife flatly refused that notion, so John built the drive-thru rib joint. Wonder if the name came from his funereal plans or as Jeannette says, “God just whispered it into his ear.”

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