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Wojo Wallet: Great for Travelers

When I am on the road, and especially when I’m flying, I try to minimize everything I carry: small size toothpaste, flat shoes that fold over, compression bags for sweaters and placing vitamins into tiny ziplock baggies. But my everyday wallet can be a real problem. I usually carry a driver’s license – my ID, multiple credit cards, insurance cards, membership cards as well as currency and coins. When traveling, I only need a credit card, a debit card for getting cash out of a machine, my driver’s license, plus some cash.

Wojo Wallet
Wojo Wallet

I was sent a Wojo Wallet to sample and have to admit, if you truly want to downsize a wallet to carry only what you need, the Wojo is terrific. But, I warn you, the gadget is not fancy- just a folded piece of plastic and a big stretchable band. However, it works!

I can easily put the Wojo Wallet into my pants pocket, an evening bag or camera bag. I can also slide it into my passport case. No matter where I’m headed, with a Wojo Wallet at my side, I can be active without any extra hindrance.

The manufacturer claims you can take it into the pool or the ocean! They say, “Wojo Wallet can float while holding up to six credit cards and cash, making it easy to keep track of when swimming or surfing.” I suspect you’d have to have a way to tether it while swimming, but some men’s trunks have zipper pockets. I personally haven’t tried taking the wallet into the water.

Wojo Wallets are made from easy to clean silicone and neoprene, so you never have to worry about it getting grungy while you work out. This would have been a real help back when I was running and dollar bills would get soggy in my pocket.

Wojo Wallet was created by Teri Thomas and Robert W. Bass. They opened their online store in 2012, and their mission is to provide customers with unique, lifestyle-enhancing products. Wojo Wallet is the perfect companion for those with active lifestyles, and provides a safe and easy way to carry essentials without the bulk of a traditional wallet. They sell for $12.95.

The company is now producing the wallets in your favorite collegiate colors so you can show your team pride.

To order, visit www.wojowallet.com