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The Most Important Checklist Before You Travel

Best Way to Book Your Flight Online

You’ve heard of the beautiful beaches in Koh Samui and the gastronomical experience you are sure to savor from flavor bombs such as Tom Yam and Pad Thai in Bangkok. That’s why you booked your next flight to Thailand right?

Koh-Samui palm tree hammock
Koh-Samui palm tree hammock

But before you do anything else, here’s a helpful and most useful checklist I think you should review. It will reassure you of the most enjoyable experience on the other side of the world. First things first, put all your valuable documents and papers in one place – I like to use a thin loose-leaf binder. Photocopy or scan every single one of them. This includes making a copy of your passport- take it with you, sending yourself (and friends) an e-mail copy of the planned itinerary and electronic tickets, travel insurance and what not. Let your family know where you’re going and give them information about where you’re staying with contact numbers as well.

When it comes to booking your flight, a travel agent can most definitely help you book the best deals out there, but if you’re like me, you can do it online. Online booking may be tricky and of course you want the fastest process and best value for money. For example, you wouldn’t want to discover your “five star” hotel is actually a flimsy hut from a backpacker’s dream by the beach. Would you? It actually gives you some peace of mind as well knowing you’ve booked your flight via dialaflight.com so don’t risk trying out other questionable booking services.

When it comes to carrying cash, bring some and other forms of electronic currency like credit cards and debit cards. I put them in various places throughout my carry-on or hidden within my luggage just in case I lose my wallet. Finally, when it comes to packing, if you’re traveling for more than six months it’s better to bring a backpack. It’s easier to carry and you know you will be doing your own laundry there. Lastly, don’t forget to bring universal power adapters, handy wipes, medicine, water, an extra change of clothes in your carry on, an inflatable neck pillow and a great sleeping mask such as the Good Night Sleeping Mask from Magellan’s.