St. Augustine: My New Home in America’s Oldest City

New Year's Eve Fireworks in St. Augustine

A  New Year called for a new start and I chose to move to nearby St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States.  My condo would be close enough for me to walk into the historic district, yet in a lovely, almost new building.  My furniture wouldn’t arrive until January 2nd, however, I would sleep on an inflatable mattress and celebrate New Year’s Eve in my new home.

Exhausted after spending three days in Orlando and doing Disney with grandson Jonah and his parents, I was thrilled to hear the fireworks were scheduled for  8:30 pm.  How family friendly can you get?

So, I set up my tripod and camera on the patio and enjoyed taking some long exposure shots.  Pretty dramatic!!

Afterward, I  went to bed, never opened the bottle of champagne.  When I awakened on January 1st, I was a resident of  St. Augustine.  I excitedly went out to explore the nearly 450-year-old city on foot.

I plan to share lots of posts about new discoveries, so stay tuned…