Turtlesafe: A Flashlight Safe for Sea Turtle Viewing

Red glow from Turtlesafe flashlights is safe for sea turtle viewing.
Turtlesafe Flashlights

People are as fascinated with sea turtles but the adult turtles and young hatchlings get disoriented by white light during nesting or egg laying season. The plight of the sea turtle is precarious, since nesting females could abandon a nest site before laying her eggs. And hatchlings instinctively head toward the beckoning flashlights of curious onlookers rather than heading for the safety of the ocean.

What is a Turtlesafe Flashlight?

The  Turtlesafe™ personal rechargeable flashlight has red LED’s and has been tested and certified* by the ‘Imperiled Species Management Section of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’. The light output from the red LED flashlight has been specially designed to emit only long wavelength light (ranging from 590 to 750nm in length) that is not disruptive to nesting sea turtles or their hatchlings. The Turtlesafe rechargeable flashlight meets or exceeds current Barrier Island lighting ordinances and is ‘certified*’ Turtle safe.

Designed by Mr. Mason Stewart, the rechargeable flashlight provides enough ‘peoplesafe’ light to be used on beaches at night, but emits a certified ‘turtlesafe™’ light beam that doesn’t disturb nesting sea turtles or their hatchlings. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Stewart spent his early years exploring the miles of saltwater marshes, dense forests and fast flowing tidal streams. Visiting the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, he learned of the potentially serious problems traditional flashlights cause nesting sea turtles. The new flashlight may improve young turtle’s chances of safely leaving the beach and finding the ocean.

Recommendations for Using the Turtlesafe Flashlight

Turtlesafe LLC, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and the State Fish and Wildlife Commissions recommend the following rules be observed when using this Turtlesafe flashlight:

DO NOT use standard white light flashlights for viewing sea turtles.
DO NOT shine any light on the sea turtle or its face.
DO NOT take pictures using a flash.
DO NOT touch or handle any sea turtle.
DO NOT touch or handle sea turtle eggs or put anything in the nest.
DO NOT block or stand in a turtle’s path to the ocean.
DO NOT disturb tracks left by adult or hatchling turtles.
DO watch from a distance.
DO stay out of sight.
DO stay behind the sea turtle until she begins laying her eggs.
DO remain quiet and still.
DO leave the hatchlings in their nest.
DO let them emerge & crawl to the water on their own.
DO use only certified turtle safe lighting on barrier island beaches.
DO enjoy the experience and remember it for the rest of your life.

A display of Turtlesafe Flashlights
Turtesafe Packaging

Where To Buy Turtlesafe Flashlights

  • Currently available at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, Georgia.
  • Available to the general public via website at www.turtlesafeonline.com . They are also available at many environmentally conscious resorts and establishments.

For Additional Information on Turtlesafe Flashlights

“…If it doesn’t say TurtleSafe™ it may not be”