A Kitchen Shower Idea: The Ironing Board Lady

My walking partner, Debbie, told me about the cutest gift idea.The Ironing Board Lady makes the ideal kitchen shower present.

Purchase the bride an ironing board and dress in a bib style apron.Get creative with building her upper body: perhaps a splatter cover for her face, rolled towels for her arms, dishwashing gloves for her hands, mop hair and plastic scrubber pad eyes.

A heart cookie cutter becomes a clever mouth and she carries a bouquet of kitchen tools in an upside down grater. Use cheese cloth or netting, the kind that would cover a dish at a picnic, as her veil.

This little lady will be the life of the party and all her parts will come in handy when setting up a home.

What a fun gift to give and receive.

Special thanks to Debbie and her sister Donna for this tip.

4 thoughts on “A Kitchen Shower Idea: The Ironing Board Lady

  1. Dear Debi,

    I must give credit where credit is due. The Ironing Board Lady was created by a lady who is a neighbor of my friend Becky. I thought it was such a cute idea that I had to take a picture to show my sister Debbie. The only thing missing from the picture is a set of oven mitts that are used as her shoes…Holly, Becky's dog, thought they were put there for her to play with! (<: It is pretty cool to see it on your blog. Thanks for posting it…I can't wait to tell Becky!

    Take care,

  2. Donna,
    Thank you for clearing up the finer points. I can see the dog would have loved those “feet.”

    Do send Becky and others to the blog.

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  4. Hi,

    How do you tie everything together? How does the splatter screen stay on the ironing board, etc.

    Thanks for the idea!

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