Clear River Pecan Company: An Ice Cream Treat in Fredericksburg, Texas

Looks like gelato but this real Clear River ice cream.
Looks like gelato but this real Clear River ice cream.

Any business that calls itself “the fun place in the middle of a fun town”  sounds like a great place to me. In this case, the lively locale turned out to be the Clear River Pecan Company of Fredericksburg, Texas, in the heart of the Hill Country. German immigrants arrived in 1846 and founded a town which retains many of 1800’s buildings and the layout of the planned settlement. An extra wide Main Street harkens back to the need to turn an ox cart, but works equally well for today’s cars and shoppers.

Place your order at the counter
Place your order at the counter

Walk into Clear River and find the original wooden floor, antique general store fixtures and sky-high tin ceilings. They give the feel of an old-time soda fountain. Forget Starbucks, drop-in from 7:30 any morning of the week for freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries, like delicate apple cinnamon scones.

At lunch time the menu shifts to enormous made-to-order deli sandwiches on fresh baked bread, or soups and salads. But, the real reason to visit Clear River remains dessert.

Some 35 varieties of homemade ice cream are displayed to look like Italian gelato. But, at Clear River you are served full butterfat ice cream, all made in small batches by hand. These folks also produce specialty ice cream to many of the fine dining restaurants in the region.

Owner John Dubea
Owner John Dubea

Customers pick a creation or combo in a dish or a sugar cone, cake, waffle, chocolate dipped or sprinkled cone. And, if ice cream alone doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth surrender to  the homemade bakery items and hand-crafted candy. Plenty indulge their whimsy by enjoying both a brownie or baked good topped with ice cream. Pure decadence.

I chose a cone of the award winning and sinfully delicious Amaretto Peach and Pecan ice cream, but the Mexican Vanilla ranks as the all time favorite. Both have won prestigious awards in national competitions.

A flat-screen TV over the counters plays “Grease” 24/7 adding to the family-friendly atmosphere. “Our regulars have come to love it,” said John Dubea, the affable owner. “They won’t let us change the movie.”

No John, don’t mess with a good thing when it’s working or an upbeat website address:

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Clear River Pecan Company

138 E. Main Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
(830) 997-8490
Open daily 7:30 am until 7pm, later in the summer.
Plenty of seating and free Wi-Fi.

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