Beach Themed Party Food

An August birthday calls for sizzle and my granddaughter’s event featured an under-the-sea cake, cookie ‘oysters’ and an appetizer octopus. Kyra chose a beach theme for her sixth birthday party and her Mom, Amy, searched for recipes to compliment the festivities.

As hungry guests arrived, Ms. Octopus greeted them upon a bed of hummus. She was an inverted red pepper with black olive eyes and her legs were made from slices of a second red pepper. Crackers and pita chips sat alongside for dipping. We also enjoyed a cup of decadent crab soup made by Kyra’s other grandmother.

I put together oyster-like treats by spreading pink frosting on vanilla wafers and joining two at angles.  I inserted one yogurt covered raisin as the pearl.  Adding the eyes turned out to be tricky. I resorted to dabbing on white and brown frosting from a toothpick. I suspect a pastry bag with a small tip would have done a better job.

The cake was a sea-sation treasure.  Amy mixed an batch of ocean blue icing to coat the sheet cake. On top she placed green and blue Twizzlers in a pattern resembling seaweed.  Kyra added gummy fish, sharks and a lobster. I attached candy rocks and shells to create the bottom of the sea. Amy had ordered these special chocolate covered candies from Nuts Online. Kyra was thrilled with her cake as were the party-goers –they ate the entire extravagance!

This is my contribution to WanderFood Wednesday

9 thoughts on “Beach Themed Party Food

  1. OH!!! this is SO darn cute!! my daughter is a mermaid, and would LOVE this for her next party! thanks!

  2. I agree, that’s so cute! My favorite part was the cake and those cookies. You guys are very creative.

  3. It looks like the planning and preparation were almost as much fun as the party itself!

  4. Oh my gosh! All of this is so darn cute! I love the oyster cookies! And that cake!! Nice work on this, I'll bet she loved it!

  5. So cute and creative! I love the cake decorations and the colour is spot on. I wouldn't mind this as my birthday cake 🙂

  6. Love it! So cute, yet looks like something that I could manage to do without messing it up too much. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing these super-creative ideas!

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