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Luggage Handling Tips for Flyers

The only way to eliminate lost luggage, is to personally carry everything on board. Since that’s not always possible, especially with the liquid and gel restriction, the following tips may help:

  1. Attach a sturdy identification tag to your luggage, including your name and mobile phone number written with permanent ink. A business card can easily slip or be removed from an ID.
  2. Secure a ribbon or neon object on the handle, quickly distinguishing your items on the baggage claim carousel.
  3. Place your name, mobile phone and flight number inside you luggage, in case the external tags are removed. Airlines usually contact passengers via phone.
  4. Know the three letter airport code denoting your destination and verify that your suitcases are tagged correctly, before you leave them.
  5. For international travel, purchase retriever luggage tags. These tags invite baggage agents (in eight languages) to remove the itinerary you’ve placed inside, and forward your bag to you, while you’re still en route.
  6. Whenever possible, take nonstop flights. Short layovers and flights involving multiple airlines increase mishandling opportunities.
  7. Make a list of contents or take a photo of your bag.
  8. Carry receipts with you as proof of purchase for items acquired during a trip.
  9. Never pack anything irreplaceable in your checked belongings.
  10. Always bring a change of clothing in your carry-on. Toiletries as easy to replace, but clothing proves more difficult.