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Spring Fling Restaurant Review ~ Atlantis

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island

Start with two parts Disney – a theme park with amazing rides, wide-eyed, energetic kids, fatigued parents and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Add three gallons Sea World, including moray eels, spiny lobsters, moon jelly fish, and lots of shark. Stir in fresh Bahamian conch and simmer under the sun. Before serving, add a shot of Las Vegas, a pinch of cruisin’ attitude, and for extra zip – a few drops of dark rum. You’ve got Atlantis Chowder.

Or maybe I should call it Marketing Mania Gumbo. The mega-resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas is brash and bawdy; a game show set ready for action…and kids love it. For the most part, adults do, too.

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