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Why I Return to St. John

Scenic St. John

Ten trips within fifteen years to the same small island: St. John, jewel of the US Virgin Islands. Ten; now that's a lot of vacation time spent in one place.

Sie Francis Drake ChannelWhy?

“No disappointments,” I say.

Can’t go wrong with uncrowded, talcum-powder soft beaches. Throw off the flip-flops and all worries.

Tangy fresh Caribbean cuisine at restaurants in Cruz Bay. My favorites–Morgan's Mango, the Fish Trap and elegant Asolare.Asolare food

Velvety pina colada's at Caneel Bay's beach bar oozing with cream of coconut goodness.

A jumbo cheeseburger in paradise grilled by Loretto at the top Bordeaux Mountain, 1300 feet high.


Driving on the left around vertical hair-pin turns and the occasional need to brake for pigs, goats, cows, chickens and donkeys crossing the road.

Genips to pry open with your teeth and suck the fleshy pit. Never tasted a genip? Just hop over to St. John and find a genip tree!

Bright Sunrise

A sunrise reflecting on Tortola, Mary's Point and multiple small cays.

Autograph tree

Writing your name on a leaf of an autograph tree and coming back to find it another year.

Skinny's Sign

A mug of St. John ale and cheer-ful reception at Skinny Leg's, a no-frills local's haunt, in Coral Bay. They especially love Red Sox fans.


Starry skies so clear you can see to infinity, and beyond– certainly over to Jost Van Dyke, where one strand of lights is strewn across the island like a branch on the Christmas tree.

Soggy'sJay in hammock
Hop a boat to the Soggy Dollar Bar, swim ashore and order the famous painkiller. Then snooze in their ultimate beachside hammocks.


Swim through thousands of tiny silverswords, like Moses parting the sea. Marvel at how they change direction in unison.

Oh My Cod

The Starfish Marketplace, best place for groceries and the catchy mosaic artwork- Oh my Cod.

Jewelry dreaming at the original creations in R & I Patton goldsmithing.

Maho Shop

A hand-blown glass bowl from recycled glass fired and created at Maho Bay Campgrounds.


Lew Henley's sign declaring his company "#1 in the # 2 business."


Finally, departing by ferry boat, to ease the transition back to the real world.