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Saguaro National Park Primer

I’ve always been satisfied by a visit to a National Park, and my recent adventure at Saguaro National Park (suh-waa-row) in Tucson, Arizona, kept the streak going. The Sonoran Desert is the only place in the world where the iconic Saguaro cactus grows. Standing beside tall tubular cacti, some over 150 years old, I felt humbled and awe-struck. The giant but slow-growing plants bud their first limbs in 60-70 years. Thankfully,  the saguaro is a protected species within two national park sections straddling opposite sides of the city. They cover 143 square miles and include almost 2 million prickly plants.

Saguaro Cacti stand tall in Saguaro National Park.
Multi-armed saguaro stand tall like sentries in the desert.
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