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The River Run Weekend: Flying High to Lying Low

River Run medal
Gate River Run Medal

Mimi didn’t plan to enter the Jacksonville Gate River Run–a 15K race that winds across 2 bridges, the downtown business district, Sports complex and residential neighborhoods.

I thought I was done competing and certainly wasn’t training. Currently my exercise consists of walking and attending yoga class.

But Judy, my former marathon buddy, was in town and asked me to join her.  Seems her training ran amuck; so we agreed to take our time and simply finish the event.

Race morning surfaced foggy and overcast, perfect conditions to prevent overheating, something I struggled with in the past. Judy and I jogged across the starting line (to look good on the live broadcast) but then walked as fast as possible.

We astounded ourselves, keeping under a 15-minute-mile pace the entire 9.3 mile course.  We talked our way through the route, amongst a crowd of 13,000 participants and honestly had fun.  We still finished with a decent time.  And we gloated.

The next morning, I groaned.  I was struck down, not so much from sore muscles, but with the flu bug, the one that’s hitting everyone.  I spent the day in bed, which other than feeling crummy, wasn’t too bad.