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A Swamp Walk in the Everglades

Updated January 2023

“I know you’re into adventure travel,” said my friend Carol. “How about a walking tour and photo shoot through the swamp in the Everglades?”

Small alligator
A Florida Gator

“Sure,” I replied, not considering any danger. Carol’s right, I’ve jumped into my fair share of crazy escapades, so why not a swamp walk? Besides, if former President Jimmy Carter could do this, why not me?

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Photographing Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Owl-6x4
Barred Owl

I flew the coop early, leaving at 5:45 AM to arrive at what is now The Center for Marine Science at Whitney Lab by 6:45 AM. Many may recall the site as the original Marineland, the world’s first oceanarium in St Augustine.

I was registered for the Birds of Prey Workshop at the 2009 Florida Birding & FotoFest The early morning photography session featured four feathered friends: a Bald Eagle, Crested Caracara, American kestrel and Barred owl.  Audubon Society members were available to handle and answer questions about each bird.

Nature photographer, Greg Downing, personally showed me valuable pointers about reading the histogram and using the Aperture Value control. Once I set the f-stop, the Av setting allowed my camera to select the correct shutter speed.

Headshot of Eagle
Headshot of a Bald Eagle--a bird of prey

Bald Eagle
The Bald Eagle--National Bird

Between tripod mount, sitting on the ground, squatting, kneeling and fiddling with camera controls, I managed to snap these shots.  For me, they rate as a soaring success.

For anyone interested in wildlife photography, this annual East coast event presents a flurry of lectures and field classes.  Well-known experts like Rick Sammon and Rob Sheppard teach beginner to advanced levels over the four-day FotoFest.

Crested Caracara
Crested Caracara

Following the photo shoot, I was off to the airport and Baltimore. This weekend, the globe-trotting grand was attending grand-daughter Claire’s christening.

All images copyright of Debi Lander.