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Seeing Goats in Argan Trees in Morocco

You’ve likely seen a photo of many goats standing in the thorny branches of a tree. I had, and I knew those photos were taken in Morocco, specifically in Argan trees. I was headed to Morocco and hoped I’d get to see the unusual sight. 

Near the end of my tour, I did come upon goats in an argan tree. When you see the site up close and in person, it’s almost unbelievable. You must stop and grab a camera. And stopping is precisely what the goat owners want. 

See goats standing in an Argan tree in Morocco.
Goats in an Argan Tree in Morocco
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Treasures to Be Found in Fes, Morocco.

My journey in Morocco continued with a stop in Fes, the oldest city in the country. While Fes is widely known for its walled medina, Fes El Bali, it’s also considered the cultural and spiritual capital. However, I will remember it for the skilled artisans who produce their wares using time-tested methods. Fes brings unexpected delights and treasures, but is rather chaotic.

Fes El Bali, the old walled medina in the Moroccan city.
Looking down on a section of the old walled median in Fes, Morocco.
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Discover Roman Ruins in Morocco: Volubilis

I never guessed I’d visit Roman ruins during my trip to Morocco. Naturally, I’ve seen the Forum and Colosseum in Rome and other archeological sites in Italy,  Croatia, Jordan, Greece, and England’s farthest east- Hadrian’s Wall. But Morocco? 

My small group was headed there, however, we arrived in a rainstorm. Fortunately, it slowed to a light drizzle during a tour that took us back in time to a picturesque place.   

Roman Ruins of Volubilis after a storm
First look at the Roman Ruins of Volubilis, Morocco
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