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Sweet & Sassy Meatballs Holiday Culinary Competition

My good friend and renowned publicist, Leigh Cort, announces a contest that could win you a vacation to my hometown: St. Augustine. 

Sherry Stoppelbein’s line of Datil B Good hot sauces, jams, jellies, pickles, relish, salsa and BBQ glaze usually make the coveted lists of “Ultimate Southern Food Guides’ with their fresh sweet heat zing. The hot little datil pepper is a great inspiration for recipe contest aficionados to enter a favorite meatball recipe in the Sweet & Sassy Meatball Contest. And the holiday season is a perfect time to get creative and put some sweet & sassy meatballs on the menu whether you prefer them made with pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Hot Shot Bakery, the Top 10 finalist recipes for Sweet & Sassy Meatballs will be invited to join Sherry Stoppelbein on Saturday, November 15 at the Hot Shot Bakery in historic St. Augustine where their meatballs will be sampled and judged by regional celebrity judges.

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