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Meals Fit for a King or Prince

The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort rests on the shores of St. Simons Island, one of Georgia’s famed Golden Isles. The name comes from the colorful reflection of the sun on lowland Spartina or marsh grass. If you’re lucky to catch the view at sunrise and sunset, the amber glow sparkles like a chest of jewels.

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Best Hotel for Sea World Orlando

Renaissance Orlando Resort
Renaissance Orlando Resort

The Renaissance Orlando Resort at Sea World couldn’t be more convenient. The hotel sits just across the street from Sea World’s parking lot.  No need to drive, a nice feature.

The atrium lobby becomes a kid’s fantasy: a waterfall and goldfish pond; oversize high definition flat screens feature undersea footage of Neptune’s garden; a huge open area, an indoor field of sorts, great for hide and seek or tossing a football. And glass-sided elevators allow spying on the way up or down.

Children find a complimentary Shamu bath toy in their room. (Amazing how these 99 cent items become cherished belongings.) Mimi’s favorite thing–the sheets.  They were smooth as fine cashmere, perhaps 600 thread-count, enveloping with the feel of luxury.  Lots of pillows, too. Oh yes, a Starbuck’s in the lobby with free WiFi to keep Poppa Jay happy.

Tradewind’s Restaurant sets out an extravagant breakfast buffet, enough to feed a whole team of  NFL lineman, but is pricey.  Then again, it kept us so full, we skipped lunch.

Sure, Orlando offers many less expensive lodging options, some even serve free breakfast.  The Renaissance , however, flaunts location, location, location.  And that’s a worthwhile perk at the end of a long day in the park- no hassling with busy Orlando traffic.

When I was a younger parent, I would have stayed farther away, some place that was merely safe and clean.  Being a grandparent is better. Either way, kids usually love any hotel. What’s important–holding the child’s hand, watching them smile and enjoying the day.

If you get lucky, very lucky, that little person will look in your direction and say, “Mimi, I love you.”