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Lemon Blueberry Cake Using the Reverse Creaming Method

I’ve made this recipe three times and declared each one a winner; a light, creamy cake with a burst of lemon and blueberry goodness. The first time I baked it for Easter, and the following two times for birthday celebrations. You can make it any season of the year by substituting frozen blueberries for fresh. 

For a tall and impressive presentation, I divide the batter between three pans to make a three-layered cake. However, you can use two larger pans and adjust the baking time. 

A three-layer lemon blueberry layer cake.
Lemon Blueberry Triple Layer Cake

The most significant difference in preparation, at least for me, involves the reverse creaming method. You don’t cream the butter and sugar to start. Instead, you begin by adding softened butter one tablespoon at a time into the flour mixture. It looks like sand or pie dough before the liquid is added. The reasoning behind this method is to ensure the butter gets evenly dispersed throughout the batter.  

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