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I’m Just Wild About Harry

Restaurant Review: Harry’s Continental Kitchen

Hal Christensen
Hal Christensen

Longboat Key, Florida

I am here to state
I’m here to relate
To explain
and make it plain:
I`m just wild about Harry…

Judy Garland

Harry’s Continental Kitchen‘s opened on Longboat Key in 1978 and numerous customers must agree because Harry’s remains a wildly popular eatery. The restaurant corner buzzes as a beehive of activity with local residents, returning snowbirds and visitors to the Sarasota area.

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Harry’s Old Place

3751 Cypress Gardens Road
Winter Haven, FL
Telephone 863 324-0301

“Harry in the Bag” is the specialty of the house at Harry’s Old Place, a tasty restaurant in Winter Haven, FL. Start with a grouper filet and cover with a mixture of crushed pecans and crushed Ritz crackers. Then add, as the waitress said, “ various seasonings.” She would not divulge which ones.

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