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How to tell if your produce is genetically modified

Know the Numbers

Cathy Ruff, my friend and former neighbor in New Jersey, sent me this helpful tip. She came across it in the Newsletter of the Garden Club of New Jersey, and for those who don’t know, New Jersey is known as The Garden State.

To determine if your produce was genetically modified, look at the numbers on the tags of the produce you buy. My carton of fresh raspberries has a sticker that reads 5137 and underneath 3969 DSA1. Therefore, I am assuming the berries were conventionally grown on a bush, but not on an organic farm.

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My, My — Key Lime Pie

Every US state boasts an official state flag, motto, flower, bird and song.But, did you know many states have an official dessert?Twas news to me, until I wrote the blog post on Boston Crème Pie and discovered it was the Massachusetts state pie.

So, I got to wondering; does my state, Florida, have an official dessert?Well… my, my—it’s Key Lime Pie.Sure enough, my husband’s favorite sweet.He likes it so much; he requests it instead of traditional birthday cake.

The secret to great taste is using freshly squeezed Key limes.The process is a little tricky because key limes, as compared to typical Persian limes, are small– smaller than a golf ball. Took 12 of those babies to yield the ½ cup of juice needed for the recipe. But, the result is worth the effort.

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