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Chocolate Art at Four Seasons Prague

Believe it or not, DNA was the topic of the conversation around the candlelit dining table at the exclusive Allegro Italian restaurant located within the Four Seasons Prague. A decadent orgy of multiple courses, each one a scrumptious blending of the finest, fresh ingredients with a masters touch unfolded. When dessert time arrived, an insatiable desire for chocolate teased our genes. Chef Andrea Accordi, under whose direction the kitchen became the first in the former Eastern Block to be awarded a Michelin star, and his staff arranged a chocolate art presentation at our table. How exotically fabulous.

A white cloth was positioned upon the table amidst an array of nugget-filled containers. An enthusiastic chef drizzled a sweet red liquid in an abstract design which I am told was beetroot sauce, but I would never have guessed. Then, he scattered candied orange and lemon rind around the delicacy, followed by candied kumquats. Rolled pieces of whiskey truffle bonbons were strategically placed as we witnessed awestruck an edible masterpiece sculptured before our eyes.

A small rectangular slice of frozen chocolate mousse was added near the center along with a triangular Earl Gray gelato, further garnished by seductive frozen jasmine foam dollops. Delectable spoonfuls of a chocolate hazelnut blend known as a croccantino adorned the whole along with sprinkled pistachio nuts. Lastly, the lively artistic creation was topped off with warm and heavenly chocolate sauce.

Then, each of us leered at each other, laughed, picked up our spoons and scooped to our hearts desire. A fusion of the finest chocolatier and ice cream shoppe enveloped our palate. An indulgence over the top, but wicked fun and a delightfully interactive way to end an elegant evening.

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If You Go

Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Rooms with a View — The Four Seasons rests on what many call prime real estate- the location with the best views of the city.  (I agree!) Some rooms offer the awe inspiring sight of the Charles Bridge and Prague castle, a scene that’s stood the test of time and one that will never lose its magnificence.