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My, My — Key Lime Pie

Every US state boasts an official state flag, motto, flower, bird and song.But, did you know many states have an official dessert?Twas news to me, until I wrote the blog post on Boston Crème Pie and discovered it was the Massachusetts state pie.

So, I got to wondering; does my state, Florida, have an official dessert?Well… my, my—it’s Key Lime Pie.Sure enough, my husband’s favorite sweet.He likes it so much; he requests it instead of traditional birthday cake.

The secret to great taste is using freshly squeezed Key limes.The process is a little tricky because key limes, as compared to typical Persian limes, are small– smaller than a golf ball. Took 12 of those babies to yield the ½ cup of juice needed for the recipe. But, the result is worth the effort.

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