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$5 for a Blanket and baggage fees

Sat in the exit row on an American Eagle prop plane to Maimi. Hate this flight, but no other option.

My feet went numb from the freezing air coming through the door. I asked for a blanket and was told I had to buy one for $5.

After fussing, I broke down and paid. At least is was clean. Next time I won’t wear sandals.

No, next time I won’t fly American Eagle.

Here are the current baggage rates (Mid-August 2008). Be sure to add these in to the cost of your ticket.

Airline First Bag Second Bag

Air Canada $0 $20
Air Tran $0 $10 online, $20 at airport
Alaska Airlines $0 $0
American Airlines $15 $25
Continental $0 $25
Delta $0 $50
Frontier $0 $25
JetBlue $0 $20
Northwest $15 $25
Spirit $15 online, $20 at airport $25
Southwest $0 $0
United $15 $25
US Airways $15 $25

I’ll be flying Southwest to Philadelphia on an upcoming trip.