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Easy Blackberry Cobbler

I’m a huge fan of cobblers, crisps, and pies.; my favorite remains fresh peach pie.  But blackberries were on sale and so I had two grocery store containers of them. 

Fresh Blackberries

I started looking for cobbler recipes and had to eliminate a few.  One called for cooking the berries in an cast iron skillet on the stove top, then transferring to the oven.  Another called for ingredients I didn’t have. 

Then I discovered the easy to make recipe (below) for blackberry cobbler.  Perfect!

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A Thoroughly Modern Baby Announcement

Claire's Family
My son and family

Between text messages, cell phone voice mail, two flights and final arrival in New Orleans, Mimi learned of the birth of her newest grand-daughter. The methodology of instant messaging may be new, but the same old words proclaim the news. "It's a girl," announces the proud pappa and love is born.

Sweet baby Claire arrived on February 20th at 3:24 PM, weighing 8 pounds. Mother and child are now home from the hospital and doing well.

Big sister Caroline is adjusting and I am thrilled to welcome Claire as grand-baby number four.

The family’s first photo arrived by e-mail on my Blackberry .

Ain't technology grand?