Tasting Caesar’s Gluten and Wheat Free Pasta

When given the opportunity to test Caesar’s gluten and wheat free frozen products I readily accepted.  How can you go wrong with dishes created from all natural ingredients that include no artificial flavors, additives, preservatives or artificial colors? Their entrees contain no wheat, barley, rye or oats and or trans fat.

Caesar's Frozen Cannelloni 
Caesar’s Frozen Cannelloni 

As you might expect, upon returning from a ten-day trip I didn’t have much to pick from in the refrigerator. Therefore, I opened the freezer and chose Caesar’s Vegetable Lasagna. Following the instructions, I placed the container in my toaster oven and let it bake for an hour. How easy is that? While it was baking, I caught up on a pile of mail. 

About 45 minutes later, tomato aromas began to permeate through the kitchen. I was looking forward to eating, but honestly expected the frozen food to be bland. Wrong! The lasagna tasted like Italian food should- nice and tangy. The texture was a bit creamy but I honestly liked it. And, the portion was perfectly sized.

Package of Cheese Ravioli- Feeds Two
Package of Cheese Ravioli- Feeds Two

Later in the week my friend Colleen came over and I prepared dinner, compliments of Caesars.  I simply dropped cheese ravioli into simmering water and then added sauce. Yes, I took it easy – the sauce came from a jar. I also cooked a package of Caesar’s Beef Cannelloni in the microwave.  The cannelloni was full of ground beef and even tasted better than the lasagna. 

I’ve never tried gluten free products before, but these meals did not skimp on flavor or texture.  I will look for Caesar’s products in the freezer section at the grocery store and plan to keep a stash at home for those days when I don’t feel like cooking. 

Disclosure:  Many thanks to Caesar’s Pasta for sending my products for review. Thumbs up on these gluten free products.