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Dwellable App
Screen Shot on the Dwellable App

I own an i-phone and downloaded the new free Dwellable app. I love free!  It shows me photos and swiftly provides information about rental properties in popular vacation spots around the US. Very hip, handy and helpful.


With a few clicks I can research properties in vacations spots to take my 7 grandchildren (plus their parents) or I could find a romantic retreat with a boyfriend- if I had one! Perhaps I should just look for a girlfriend getaway.


I know vacation rentals are the best value and let’s face it, most of us live on a budget. My budget (sadly) hasn’t permitted me to buy an i-Pad or i-Pad Mini, but I know beyond all reasonable doubt,  the Dwellable app would function and read better on one of those devices because they have more screen space.  If only I could win one!


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