Sara’s Crepe Cafe in St. Augustine, Florida

In case you’re unsure: crepes are light, delicate pancakes made by pouring a thin liquid batter onto a hot flat circular plate, often with a trace of butter on the pan’s surface. Originally from Brittany, a region in northwestern France, they are popular because of their versatility. 

And nowhere will you find more varieties than Sara’s Crepe Cafe in Saint Augustine, Florida.  The newly opened restaurant is already attracting a faithful following along with happy tourists who just happen to drop in. 

Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe at Sara's Crepe Cafe
Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe at Sara’s Crepe Cafe

And, no wonder. Margarita Abramov, Proprietor, has opened a cheerful, inviting shop and assembled an outstanding and dedicated staff.  Chef Matt Shapiro runs the kitchen with professional aplomb, as if he’d been perfecting the process for years. Assistant DJ is as enthusiastic as flaming cherries jubilee. These two are on the path to crepe celebrity stardom.

Owner Margarita should be as treasured in St. Augustine as the Fountain of Youth.  She has it all: charm, personality, warmth and spunk. Her energy flows not at a trickle, but at full gush. She will make this cafe a standout for locals and tourists alike.

Menu prices are reasonable enough to attract Flagler College coeds, yet the presentations please the business folk. Sara’s offers a healthy fast food alternative, a to-go version of a crepe, held in paper similar to a wrap.  Another plus–all of the crepes can be prepared gluten-free.

Best of all, the establishment opens at 8:00 am for breakfast and stays in operation through the evening hours for dining, dessert and drinks.  Sara’s serves beer and wine, too.

Owner Margarita Abramov and Derryck Lawrence
Owner Margarita Abramov and Derryck Lawrence

When I visited the other night, smooth Derryck Lawrence was on hand crooning strollers off the street and into the courtyard. With his welcoming grin, Mr. Personality added an upbeat tempo to the lively spot.

Margarita’s new restaurant is already a hot spot (yes, it was sweltering outside) but I predict Sara’s atmosphere and crepes will warm the heart and stomach even on a blustery day.  

If You Go

Sara’s Crepe Cafe

100 St. George Street – corner of Hypolita and Spanish Street
St. Augustine, FL
(904) 810 5800

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  1. Love, love, love Sara's Crepe Cafe. So, much that we added Margarita's wonderful restaurant on our Savory Faire Food Tour just as soon as she opened. The food is fantastic. We love her. You will too. Join us on City Walks Savory Faire Food Tour Monday, Wednesday & Friday. We feature Sara's Crepe Cafe on our Monday tour.
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