Rotten Ralph’s Restaurants

Rotten Ralph's Restaurant from the Bradenton Beach Pier
Rotten Ralph’s Restaurant from the Bradenton Beach Pier

Rotten Ralph’s Restaurant sits on the Bridge Street Pier in Bradenton Beach, Florida. Not the kind of place you’d expect to find Crabcake Benedict on the breakfast menu. Nonetheless, take my recommendation and devour the yummy house specialty for just $7.99. Or you can build your own omelet, starting at $5.99. Those with a hankering for real Canadian bacon, the kind from Canada, are in luck, the ham-like meat remains a staple on the menu.

Crabcake Benedict
Crabcake Benedict

Recipe inventor, Mrs. Rotten or Mama D for Doreen hails from West London, England. She moved to Canada, married Ralph but kept cooking the British way. She claims an addiction to cookbooks and desserts. I bet her English Trifle is smashing and her creamsicle pie sounds like a luv.  However, Fish and Chips became Rotten Ralph’s signature item; all you can eat, all day, every day for $9.99.

I went for breakfast which was a blessing for my waistline because the Rotten au Gratin may have done me in. That tantalizing concoction is a mixture of shrimp, crab, alfredo sauce with extra melted cheese.

And how did this place get its name? Seems back when owner Ralph lived in Ontario, he was elected treasurer of his local Lions club. First thing he did was collect all the outstanding dues– earning the endearing nickname

He and Mama D have always been in the restaurant business. When they visited Anna Maria Island in 1988, they looked around and thought “what a wonderful world”, just like the song.  So, they decided if Fast Eddies could advertise “warm beer and lousy food”, why couldn’t they name a restaurant Rotten Ralph’s. Brilliant, I’d say.

They purchased what used to the Oyster Steamer and christened it Rotten Ralph’s. The  family, known as the Rotten crew, runs the place and son Dave is now the manager. Business has been so strong, they opened this second location.

If you find yourself on Anna Maria Island or Bradenton Beach, near Longboat Key and Sarasota, hungry for  delicious seafood, crumpets that are a tad British, or an American burger- motor to Rotten Ralph’s and you won’t be disappointed. Why you’ll leave ripe to return. 

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Mama D or Mrs. Rotten and son, Dave
Mama D or Mrs. Rotten and son, Dave
Mama D or Mrs. Rotten and son, Dave

Rotten Ralph’s

200 Bridge Street – on the pier
Bradenton Beach, FL
941 778 1604
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

902 S. Bay Boulevard
Anna Maria Island
941 778 3953
Open for lunch and dinner