Colonial American Ambiance at The Wayside Inn

The Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Masschusetts
The Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Masschusetts

Anyone who knows me understands that I am drawn to Early American decor; the richness of cherry wood,  furniture with simple elegant lines, and the practical usefulness of tools. I don’t know why but perhaps I lived a prior life in that time period. Anyway, I  feel comfortable sitting in a straight back chair at a wooden trestle table, adore the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and sleep in a canopy bed.   

So, when I traveled to Boston to visit my daughter Abby, we went to the Wayside Inn in her hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts. The Wayside Inn is America’s oldest operating inn replete with colonial furnishings. (Click here to see my previous article on this Inn.)

As it was December, the rooms were adorned for Christmas with greenery, flickering candles and glowing fireplaces. The taproom just to the right of the main door overflowed with lively merriment. But, we had little Jonah (age 20 months) with us and sitting in the bar just wasn’t an option. His attention span is limited and we wanted to eat and leave before he became unhappy — and the dining room filled with customers. 

The three of us were seated in the tavern style restaurant and Jonah was delighted with the cracker tray!  I ordered roast duckling and Abby chose scallops.  The service was friendly and prompt and the food excellent, not haute cuisine but very tasty simpler fare.  On Sundays the establishment traditionally offers Yankee pot roast. 

On our way out we popped our heads into the bar since the crowd had thinned. A fellow with a guitar sat at a table and when he saw Jonah, he immediately started playing Jolly Old St. Nicholas. Jonah’s face burst into smiles and he clapped and bounced along. Next came Jingle Bells. What fun to feel so festively welcomed and have a child be enjoyed instead of shooed out.

Thank you Wayside Inn for a memorable evening and wonderful meal.

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Roast duckling and sweet potatoes
Roast duckling and sweet potatoes

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  1. I would love this place! And isn't it wonderful when a restaurant welcomes children instead of flashing dirty looks your way? Makes a HUGE difference to me.

  2. It looks like a beautifully atmospheric inn and I'm glad that Jonah also had such a great time.

  3. This looks wonderful! I agree with Arrows Sent Forth: so nice when places welcome children.

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