The Dancing Avocado Kitchen, Daytona Beach

Breakfast at the Dancing Avocado Kitchen left me with happy feet. The restaurant swings with attitude and taps a lively beat. I feasted on the house specialty, an avocado, onion and cheddar Jack cheese omelet.  I’ve never considered adding avocado to eggs, but let me tell you, these two know how to tango. Now, I must also admit, when I tried to duplicate the recipe at home, mine performed a little dip.  Not nearly up to the scorecard taste of the original.

Co-owner Mario Stemberger, a certified chef with the American Culinary Federation, choreographed the concoction. He and his wife, Angela opened their restaurant in 1998. They began offering a menu of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, catering to those who frequent health food stores. 

But customers attracted by Daytona’s annual Bike Week and Speedway races demanded, shall we say, some less healthy options.  The Stembergers listened and gave in with a twist. The Kitchen is now known for their mixed dance card- veggie burgers and beef patties.  All ingredients are stamped top quality. They serve honest food, nothing instant, thereby remaining faithful to the original concept. 

Mario said, “We believe everyone eventually decides to eat and care for themselves in a healthier way, some early on and some too late.  In order not to insult the nutritional conscience of many patrons, we offer a range of side dishes instead of chips or French fries, such as corn slaw, pasta, potato, cumber and onion, tabouli or red beans and rice.”

The Avocado Kitchen bakes their own fruit pies, muffins, scones and cookies. Fruit smoothies are whipped from real fruit with a full line of nutritional supplements to kick in. To ensure freshness, suppliers make deliveries daily.  The cafe remains one of Daytona’s only fresh juice bars; watch as the produce is squeezed in a quickstep. 

I had never tried carrot juice so Mario suggested the carrot and apple blend. I could certainly taste the carrots, but the duo spun with light and delicious flavor, and hey, my eyesight improved immediately. 

Waitress service waltzes food from the kitchen to the table.  You might partner with one of Mario and Angela’s children who have now joined the corps. Lunch time customers can select domestic and imported beers, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands. Outdoor dining is also available and free parking is found in the rear. If I lived in Daytona, I’d boogie my way over there for an encore. 

The Dancing Avocado Kitchen

110 South Beach
Daytona Beach, Florida
Telephone 386-947-2022
Breakfast 8AM-11AM
Lunch from 11Am to 4 PM
Closed on Sunday

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