Debi loves her Ultra-Light 4-Wheeled Luggage

Heys Luggage
The Heys Ultra-Light 4-Wheeled Spinner Luggage

I wanted a new suitcase with spinner wheels; a bag with four wheels that can slide sideways, as well as be pushed or pulled.  I also wanted one as lightweight as possible.

Lo and behold, when I popped into T.J. Maxx one day (not looking for luggage), I found this amazing silver bag.   The piece lifted like a feather, much lighter than the others on display.  The exterior was sleek, made from polycarbonate; a hard sided plastic but somewhat flexible.  And the thing was even expandable with a divider and straps on the inside to keep your stuff from falling out.  Best of all, the price was low, only $70.

So, even though I didn’t recognize the manufacturer, I bought the Heys .  I figured I could search the Internet and compare quality, prices and ratings.  I could even return it, if necessary.

Here is what I discovered:

“The World’s Lightest Spinner Luggage” The HEYS USA 4WD is a 4-wheel Spinner luggage that is made from a Polycarbonate composite and uses Japanese made wheels. Polycarbonate is the same material used in the making of Bullet-proof glass. It is both durable and flexible so that when under stress, it flexes to absorb the impact and then afterwards flexes back to its original shape. Another great feature …is its expandability, one of the few hard-sided luggage that can expand for up to 25% more space.”

After reading that and other reviews, I kept the valise and have used it five times.  My conclusion: “Best luggage I’ve ever had, I’m crazy about it.”  The piece rolls easily; even my grandson can slide it sideways.  Max, as I named it, came through baggage claim unharmed and being silver colored, was easy to pick out, compared to those searching through the black suitcases.

Heys Ultra-Lite Luggage

Target, Costco, JC Penny, E-bags and many other online stores carry the Heys line.  The ultra-lights also come in black, blue and red.

Debi gives her new luggage a max 5-star over-all rating at a mini 3 star price.