More Battery & Baggage News

All the fuss over carrying lithium batteries (see previous blog entry) is due to the possibility of fire. The connection points must be covered, so, place the batteries in individual plastic baggies! Do not let them come in contact with metal objects, such as coins, keys or jewelry.

Concerns? See Safe Travel with Batteries and Devices at TSA’s Website

Now some good news for those traveling through British airports—
Passengers may now take a purse or laptop as well as a carry-on bag onto flights leaving Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester and some others. This new rule does NOT apply to Gatwick.

When Jay and I were connecting through London last fall, the rule concerning one carry-on was strictly enforced. JMy husband tried to get by with a newspaper and a book- no way, each was considered as one carry-on. I ended up rearranging my camera bag and purse to fit into a collapsible tote or else I would have had to place them in checked luggage. That, of course, is never a good idea. Before you travel, visit the website of the selected British airport to avoid any problems.